Monday, 18 July 2011

Still Earning!!!

Some online programs come and go but there are those which stood the test of time. I have been scammed many times and still I continue to find programs where I can earn. Nowadays every cent counts and I have to make the most of my time online.

Yes, I still do PTCs and PTRs(paid to click and paid to read) and so far I highly recommend the following:

Matrixmails -- I have been a member here for around 7 years and they still continue to pay me on time.
Donkeymails -- I've been a member here for around 6 years and I have been paid here many times.
JillsClickCorner -- This is owned by the wife of Donkeymails' owner. I have been paid here many times also.
Neobux -- This has been online for more than 3 years now. I had received automatic payments here for many times.

The following are programs I have just joined but they are not necessarily new online. Some have been around for more than 3 years already:

-- There are many ways to earn here such as doing offers, surveys and tasks as well as playing games. It's one of my favorites lately. The minimum cashout is quite high especially if you are not from US, Canada or UK but if you like playing games like scrabble, solitaire, bejeweled, dynomite and more then you can easily build up your earnings.
ClixSense -- This another PTC site that has been online for 3 years now. I've been a member here since last year but stopped when I got busy doing something else. Lately I got my account reactivated and I even won once in the Clix Grid.

ValePTR -- When I first joined here it seemed like it was another Donkeymails to me but it's really quite different. There are lots of ways to earn and there are some games too.
To help promote the sites I've joined I also became a member of some traffic exchange programs. I am liking 3 so far and they are:

-- I've been a member here for more than 7 years. You also earn 3 cents for every 100 pages that you surf aside from getting traffic to your own sites.
SmileyTraffic -- This site has both automatic and manual surfing as well as a PTC. You can also earn 2 cents for every 100 sites you surfed manually.
New Way Surf -- I advertise my Paid to Promote urls here for Donkeymails and ValePTR. You can also earn for every page you surf but the amount varies everyday.

All of the above mentioned programs supplement my work as a virtual assistant. In some days work can be very slow for me so I have time to do some clicking and playing.

I am earning online. You can too.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

More Programs to Consider

For short or long term investment try

WBwso buys and sells websites and get paid from Google and eBay, along with several others. They have a new system of maintaining and making these websites grow. You can invest from $0.01 up to $10,000.00.

As a rule you should only invest what you can afford to lose. I'll update this blog on how all these programs are faring.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Earning Opportunity for Facebook Users

If you're often on Facebook and you have a Paypal account, then you might be interested in this earning opportunity. It's definitely not something that's going to make you rich but enough to pay some of your bills in a month. It pays daily and the amount you can earn depends on what you can do and how much you can accomplish in a day.

This is a Facebook apps so having a Facebook account is a must. It's definitely free -- no fee to pay. Sign-up here and start earning.

Happy earning!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Still Earning Online

If you're interested in earning from surfing then these are the sites that continue to pay. They are free to join except for The Vault where you need to invest at least 99 cents in order to earn around 40 cents daily without limits. If you don't have a Liberty Reserve account yet then you can create one here.

MatrixMails - Get paid No Minimum Payout

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

New PTC for Me!

I just can't keep away from PTC's, lol. Neobux is the latest PTC program I joined. I signed up on August 10, 2009 and so far I've been paid three times. So yeah, they're paying -- and instant too. But in order to earn better, you need to rent referrals and upgrade to a Golden account (only doable after you are a Neobux member for at least 15 days and have clicked at least 50 ads). It's not that cheap at all.

If you can't afford to invest out of your pocket, you can still earn at least $1.20 a month if you click the 4 ads you can click as a free or standard member. Each ad (standard exposure) you click earns you 1 cent. There are other additional ads you can click daily so, if you're always online and also depending on your geographical location you can earn more than 4 cents daily without any referral.

There are 2 types of referrals in Neobux, the direct referrals and the rented referrals. You can only have direct referrals after you've been a member of Neobux for a month and have clicked a total of not less than 100 ads. These are the referrals who signed up using your own personal link or registered using your username as referrer.

As the name implies, rented referrals are those that you rent. For a free member, each referral costs 25 cents for a month. The total number of referrals you can rent depends on the type of membership you have.

One big factor to consider in order to be a successful Neobux member is to know how to manage your account well. This means using effective strategies -- knowing when to recycle referrals, who to keep and etc.

I actually have fun in the whole process. It feels like I am managing a small business, and although I can't control the actions of my referrals (whether they click or not) I can make a decision on whether to keep them or get myself a new one.

Try Neobux for free and see if you'll like it too. Just remember to read the Terms of Service (TOS) before you join any program. In Neobux only one user per IP is allowed in 24 hours and only one account per computer. Payment is through Paypal or Alertpay and they have also introduced Neteller.

Have fun!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

SWATcash Updates

SWATcash closed its doors to International members. It will only accept new members from US, UK and Canada. However, old members from other countries will continue to enjoy being part of SWATcash.

Last month, there was a raffle contest. This month there will be 4 winners of Xbox 360 Premium, 36 winners of $100 each and 60 winners of $50 each. Dubbed as "Amazing August" -- this month's contest is still all about being active in SWATcash. There are 4 categories: Most Offers Approved, Most Offer Earnings, Most Referrals Over Payout, and Most BP (Battle Points) Spent.

I don't know if I'll get a chance of winning but I'll give it my best shot. After all, I'll still continue to be active in SWATcash whether or not there's an added bonus of winning a prize.

Join now and have fun earning! It's so easy to register and it's absolutely FREE!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Earning While Searching Online

Here's another way to earn online. If you're like me and you're making use of search engines everyday then My Search Funds is for you. No, you will certainly not get rich from this but you'll earn something extra for doing something you normally do online -- Searching.

It is based in UK and makes payouts through Paypal. In just minutes after joining My Search Funds, you can start earning. So what are you waiting for? Join now and start earning while doing a search online.

It's totally free and so easy.